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  • Simple planting and strong vitality,Carefully cultivated and screened, with high germination rate

  • Can be used as an ornamental plant to beautify the environment,Decorate your garden and make your restoration full of life

  • Absorbs carbon dioxide to release oxygen, which can improve air quality to some extent,Purify the air and make the air around you fresher

  • Description:
    Feature:Sakura tree seeds

    Get the soil wet before sowing,and then put the seeds into soil, after that cover 1~1.5cm soil on the the seeds. If sow in summer, it's better to place your flower pot in an air-conditioned room or a cool place.
    A moistish environment is all the seeds need, there are no need for too much water or fertilizer in the germination.Generally 3 to 4 weeks it will sprout.

    Aprettysunny Sakura Tree Seeds Cherry Blossom Seeds Rare 20pcs/Bag Garden Supplies Beautifying - B07HK4FMX4

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