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Name: shelving to store in the center 974030140BI room Standard equipment: n°, 1 full rack Product features: metal shelving to store, gondola in center of the room includes: n°, 4 uprights H cm. 140 cm slotting the front step. 4.5 n°, 2 basic plans cm. 97x40 n°, 4 floors with shelves adjustable in height of cm. 97x30 n°, 2 front hooves n°, 2 terminal pairs of feet n°, 2 brackets lamination uprights n°, 4 pillar caps n°, 1 superior finishing end for CM gondola. 97 n°, 2 finishing closures uprights slatted back is fit for the attack blister flow size dependent floor evenly distributed: 55 kg epoxy powder coating with embossed finish average 60/80 microns thick section cm uprights. 4.5x4 Obtained by cold forming of a 18/10 mm thick steel strip. Dimensions (LXPXH) cm .: 102x92x147 footprint, useful measures 97x40x140 Color uprights, foot and socket: white RAL 9003 Color floors and back: white RAL 9003 Installation: in kit with instructions practices, Quick and easy assembly thanks to the interlocking system completely Conformity ,: ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001, approvals and certifications preparation time: given to the courier in 5 10 days. working around Delivery time: 2 5 days. working / 7 days. working Islands Destination d use: interior, warehouse, office

Armoire pour balais 1 porte Aisi 430 cm. acier 50X50X215H Mobilier de Bureau - B01HBD88UC

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